Russell Mann for PC 514

North Idaho is a special place. We deserve good leadership that values transparency, honesty, and integrity.

Important dates in Idaho

  1. March 15th, 2024 – Last date to affiliate as a Republican to vote in the May Primary.
  2. May 6th, 2024 through May 17th, 2024 – Early voting in May Primary.
  3. May 10th, 2024 – Last date to request an Absentee Ballot for the May Primary.
  4. May 21st, 2024 – May Primary election to select Precinct Committeemen, Republican candidates for the general election.
  5. August 27th, 2024 – School District Bond / Levy.
  6. November 5th, 2024 – General Election.

Civic duty in Idaho is as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Are you registered? Check your Voter Record here, and Register to Vote Here.
    • Pro tip: Register as a Republican voter to be able to vote in the critical primary elections.
  2. Prepare to vote! By mail: Request an Absentee Ballot Here or in person: Find your Precinct & Polling Place Here
  3. Learn about the candidates and then Vote!
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Vision, Issues, & Values

Our community in Kootenai County, Idaho, is special. We are conservative people who care deeply about our values, and live these values in our businesses, schools, service organizations, and our homes.

People choose to live in Kootenai County for the values we share. Small, limited, but effective government is a value shared by nearly everyone in Kootenai County.

Our Kootenai County Republican Party is an effective leader in fielding candidates for local offices and helping them to get elected. The leadership of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) is crucial to the leadership of Kootenai County.

The leadership values that we should embody are those which create Trust in our community. Those values are Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability.


Integrity. To build trust in a community, an organization must act with integrity. That means to follow through on what you say you’re going to do, with adherence to a moral code. It means to root out corruption, and to act with a sound mind, unimpaired by ulterior motives. To be complete, and undivided in your mission and actions.

Transparency. One of the key features of integrity is transparency. That means forthright about the organization’s intentions, and abstaining from underhanded, or secret tactics.

Accountability. Another key feature of integrity is accountability. That means to accept responsibility for one’s actions, rather than deflect, dissemble, or deceive when one has made a mistake. It means showing your work and your progress transparently.

Citizens of Kootenai County, I believe you live these values every day. If you agree with me that these values need to guide the KCRCC, please consider voting for precinct committeeman candidates who embody these virtues, just like you.


The Leadership Our Community Needs Right Now

About Russell

Russell Mann is born and raised North Idaho. Born in Rathdrum, Russell has dug deep roots in our community. He has started, bought, built and sold multiple businesses in diverse industries from IT to wine & beer.

Russell has served the community through volunteering as a Little League umpire, serving on boards of Wired2Learn Foundation and Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre, and many Rotary volunteer efforts.

Russell is happily married for 19 years to his wife Sarah, and he has two sons, Judah, 16, and Isaac, 22.